How can you help us?

Actually, even with little money and simple means!

adopt an animal

Adopt a pet from us and give her/him a wonderful new life!

be a foster family for our animals

If you can not adopt a cat or a dog permanently, you can offer a foster home!

The cat/dog stays with you until a forever home is found. 

The more animals have foster families, the more free places are available for other animals in need. Foster families in Romania are very rare and every place is precious. You can imagine it is very important to be ableto fosterurgent cases of emergency  (motherless babies, sick animals who need special care and so on).

adopt from distance

If you can neither adopt nor foster, you still can help!

As you know we have many animals in our care. Some of them even  remain with us for a long time.

Our cats and dogs need a lot of food. :)

Feel free to adopt a certain kitty or doggy from distance and make sure her/his bowl is always full.

Support your adopted animal with a monthly donation for food and vet expenditure  or food donation.



This is little Ashi - a surviver! Bitten by a dog and unable to walk or stand. But Ashi is a fighter!

She is willing to live and we do not give up on her!


To cover the costs for food, litter,  medical treatment and  all necessary things for our furry babies, we urgently need donations. As an NGO we do not get any financial support from the government or the city of Brasov.

Every Euro counts! Even the smallest amount helps a lot, if many people give.


For donations please use our Paypal account:


or our bank account:

for donations in EUR:

Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor

ANU-Animals need us

IBAN: RO48RNCB0059121037040002


Banca Comerciala Romana

Brasov Titulescu 
for donations in LEI:

Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor

ANU-Animals need us 
IBAN: RO75RNCB0059121037040001

Banca Comerciala Romana

Brasov Titulescu

donations of any kind

If you can not donate money, there are still plenty of useful things you might have at home and don't use any more. 

Blankets you no longer like, (urgently needed in fall and winter), towles, bowls... Anything you can think of that cats and dogs might need!

Maybe your cat does not like its bed any more? Your doggy is bored with an old toy?

Our animals are very happy about every little present they get!


Your pets do not like their food? We need it! Hunger hurts.

You can imagine that stray animals are very thankful for food, no matter what it is.


Ask your freinds, neighbors and family! You will be surprised how many things you can gather!

Mostly people are happy to get rid off things we need for our animals. :)


Here you find a list of useful things:


As already mentioned: we need food of any kind! :) 

Moist and dry food for dogs and puppies, cats and kittens


Milk powder for motherless kittens and puppies


cat litter

litter boxes

cat trees







treatment against fleas and ticks





transport boxes




eye and ear cleanser



cleaning supplies






If you would like to donate - please contact us!

We will send you adresses of our collection. - Thank you!


Convince your  freinds and family to adopt instead of buying  a pet. Strays are just as good as other pets! There are so many adorable cats and dogs waiting to be found. We are sure you will fall in love - just give it a chance!


Please share! Facebook, Twitter anc Co help us to reach more new freinds and supporters, volounteers and new families for our furry ones!

Everybody can help!

It is not necessarily money and not much work - as you can see, there are many ways to help!

We are very grateful about every helping hand!

Everyone can help - just start! <3