We need godparents for these dogs!


born 06 December 2012


full vaccinated



Opal was found toghether with other 9 puppies and a female dog in a factory from Ghimbav. The female wasn't the mother of all 9, but she had care of them all. We took them in a pen, we vaccinate them and some of them were adopted. Opal was the the most scared of the puppies, and now is the same. But if she is stressed by people, if we try to catch her or touch her, she try to bite, but also she eat from the hand. So, because of that she is almost unadoptable. The only way to be helped is with distance adoption. More pictures and info here at the FB album.


born 5/01/2012





Izzy is a dog which is at us from the age of 3 months old. She was scared when we took her and also after. She try to bite when somebody try to touch her but in the rest she is ok, she is friendly with other dogs, but she just want to be let in peace by people. We brang her to a dog trainer and still not very good results, she stay there from october 2012. She walk in leash, if somebody can put her leash :) and she did not eat food if people stay near her. She would be better in a yard/farm, to be feed, cared but let in peace, she never will be a dog which sleep in bed with the owner...Unfortunatelly, i believe nobody will adopt her and she will stay at us as long we will exist :( We pay 130 euro/month for her accomodation/training/food. Her fear is genetic, all the dogs which we took from there were more or less scared / antisocial, even if they were small puppies.


born 15 nov 2011

vaccinated, dewormed


Benny was found with her brothers and sisters in a highschool yard. They were skared from beginning but Benny also if he feels stressed and we try to touch him, he try to protect himself and try to bite.

In other side he is ok, a calm dog, he ignore us, he is ok with other dogs usually.

He will probably never be adopted so he need distance adoption.

he live toghether in a pen with his 2 sisters: one can be adopted (she is friendly) and one is very very shy.